The unique style and music of Bobby McManus is the product of a long winding musical journey. Beginning on trips to the woods with a keen interest in his grandfathers instruments, Bobby pursued drums and piano as a young boy.  After training in classical and jazz upright bass he finally made the jump to the guitar.  Inspired by the physical styles of Eddie Van Halen and Victor Wooten, as well as progressive music like Rush and Dream Theater, he challenged the athletic and intellectual limits of his playing.  After exposure to fingerstyle virtuoso Don Ross, acoustic folk music became his main expressive avenue.  After attending the Arts Academy in the Woods, Bobby began his career in performance and music education and accepted a senior teaching position at Grosse Pointe Music Academy in 2005.  He participated in the nationally televised “Americas Hot Musician” competition in 2008 and was voted the winner.  The resulting single with Canadian vocalist Sarah Loverock was later certified gold.  The following years saw the maturing of his music to include thoughtful lyricism and a distinctive vocal delivery that further the expressive possibilities of his art.  With the 2014 release of his first musical collection “Aesthetics” Bobby McManus is poised to push further the boundaries of his own creativity and expression, as well as his mastery of the guitar.

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