Summer 2015: What has been and what will be…

As the summer rolls along it’s important for me to stop and appreciate all the exciting things that have taken place for myself and my music over the past few months. My work has taken me all over the beautiful state of Michigan and beyond to perform for amazing people at incredible events. From the intimacy of wedding ceremonies in castles, to the insanity of 50,000 new friends at Electric Forest, my music has been framed in ways that I had only dreamt of

This summer has also shown me that there’s no time to slow down or stop. With increased interest in my e.p. AESTHETICS, I’ll be moving forward with making that music available online, and next month I will enter the studio again to begin recording music for a new album. A full album. I am also actively pursuing label support from some of my instrumental music heroes.

As always, I am eternally grateful to the folks who listen to my music and support my work; and, I will continue working hard to produce quality art to show my appreciation. I hope some of you take the opportunity to catch one of my many public performances which include collaborations with some of the areas most talented players.  Information on these events can be found in the calendar area of this site.  As always, please feel free to reach out with ideas or places you’d like to see me perform next!


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