Home away from home: Get to know the Rusted Crow


On most friday nights I can be found plying my trade on stage at Rusted Crow distillery in Dearborn Heights. With friends behind the bar and new friends waiting to be found each week is an adventure at the spot that has become my home away from home and the best place to hear my music as well as the hits.

barEverything from the liquors to the syrups are made in house from the freshest ingredients. Like jars of fruit fresh. The Rusted Crow stage also hosts some of Detroit’s finest solo acts like Josh Stokes and Neenuh of Buffalo Riders fame. Fridays 9-midnight is my slot but if we’re rolling music goes later.

Check out what Drink Michigan has to say:

“A fully functioning, small craft distillery (with giant aspirations) located in Dearborn Heights. Here, they try to bring the sometimes pretentious art of craft distilling down to earth. They are currently distilling vodka (Detroit Steam Vodka), Rum (Davy Jones Rum) and Gin (Ginstache Gin) with Moonshine (Murder Mitten Moonshine) currently in production. Using unique methods;they create delicious spirits that are as detailed as their bottle artwork. The beautiful artwork that adorns each bottle is a consistent topic of conversation by those who visit the distillery and the one of a kind labels were designed by the owner himself. The tasting room features a small seasonal menu of delicious craft cocktails that offer the best way to experience their ultra-smooth spirits no matter what Mother Nature has dealt us outdoors.”

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RustedCrowSpirits
Instagram: rustedcrowdistillery
Webpage: http://www.RustedCrowSpirits.com

6056 North Telegraph
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

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